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New class: PathFinder

Several of current components are relying on their own implementation for file searching:

  • SMLite – template inclusion
  • class auto-load
  • javascript inclusion
  • page search

PathFinder is designed to be a system-wide controller which will take all those searches under control. It introduces concepts of Locations and resource types (such as ‘js’, ‘html’ for templates, ‘php’ etc)

Structured APIs will automatically include PathFinder and will supply $api->locate($type,$filename) and $api->addLocation($location,$contents) function.

$contents is passed as array of $type=>’subdirectory’.


April 17, 2010 - Posted by | Core changes, Version 3

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  1. […] largest change is introduction of PathFinder. I have already mentioned it. The purpose of the class is to unify not only loading of different things, but it links […]

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